Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

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Greenworth Integrated Services Limited, is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company that focuses in helping SMEs grow. We offer HR, Marketing, Supply Chain & Procurement, Facility Management and Accounting support to SMEs in various fields.

We provide experiences gathered over 15 years in the organized multinational sector to help build your business capacity and capability. We are best positioned to support Nigerians at the diaspora and people engaged in their paid job to build their business of choice (Side Hustle). In Greenworth, we are focused in helping our clients in the diaspora enjoy extra income while contributing to indigenous capacity development and create a business our local clients can easily retire into.

We are currently actively participating in various sectors which include but not limited to Agriculture, Inland Transportation, Clothing, Beauty Salon, Fitness Gym, Facility Management, Material Sourcing & Procurement, Laundry Services with proven capacity in many more small and medium scale businesses.

Our core value of Prudence in managing resources, Integrity in Reporting and Respect for Customers and Clients put us in a position to offer trust in exchange for your rest of mind while working with you professionally to promote your business.

Agriculture - Edible Farming & Landscapping

Agriculture – Edible Farming & Foodscapping

  • Our Edible farming project involves the planting of edible vegetables, spices etc. within the tiny space in your home.
  • Foodscapping ensures a smart substitution of edible plants with your home domestic flowers.
  • We also provide animal rearing options just for your domestic needs.
  • The overall aim is to ensure availability of miscellaneous food in your home for green/healthy feed. 


        +Driver Mgt.        +Cab Mgt.         +Mechanic Mgt.

We offer end to end management of your vehicles to offer you a peace of mind

  • Hire & verify your drivers with police report
  • Manage the daily deployment of your vehicle & take the pains off you
  • Manage mechanics to ensure priority in the maintenance & repairs of your vehicle
  • Provide consumables required to give our vehicles a higher up time
  • Guarantee credit & payment terms for all repairs 


+Salon Services   +Laundry Services  +Fitness Gym

+Provide female Salon Services for hair, nails & eye lashes
+Male barbing & grooming services
+Unisex Gym Fitness services & Dance Classes
+Laundry Services & Laundromat