THE PROJECT “CULTIVATE SOUTH” – Benefits of Cassava Farming to the Nations Economy

Benefits of Cassava Farming to the Nations Economy
Sample Cassava Farm in Southern Nigeria
  • According to FG, Nigeria spends about #1.87 Trillion ($5Bn) annually to import food.
  • Nairametrics (2021) stated that Nigeria imports about $580m worth of Cassava-by-products annually (e.g. Garri, starch, flakes etc.)
  • In 2018, The World Bank estimated there is 75% of Arable farm land in Nigeria and this translates to about 34m Hectares of land.
  • Statista (2021) reported that 28.6m Hectares of land in Nigeria are covered with meadows & bushes.
  • Average yield per Hectare of cassava is 25MT – 40MT with improved practice.
  • 1 Ton of cassava costs from #25,000 at farm price to #250,000 if processed to cassava flours & starch.
  • At the farm price only, we can generate about #715Bn ($1.5Bn) annually. If processed into various products, the income could go as high as $13Bn.
  • These are opportunities to make money, reduce the Forex pressure on naira and create that Nigeria of our dream.

Do you have any piece of land across these regions? Are those land covered with bushes? Contact us & let us collaborate in this transformation project towards food sustainability, job creation and sustainable wealth creation. We will advise source improved seedlings, plant, manage till harvest, support with processing & identify the market.

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