About Us

Message From Our MD/CEO

We will focus on revenues, more profits, productive teams, improved cash flows and simply just more peace of mind.

Greenworth is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and consulting company, leading the way to the future of business partnership consulting in Nigeria. Our passion is in collaborate with Nigerian start ups and SMEs, especially employees wishing to grow their side hustle. If you wish to retire to your private business, today is the best day to speak with us. We give wheels and feathers to your dream.

We collaborate with our partners to ease their procurement, Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing challenges etc. The professional experience of our team, relationships with global businesses, and understanding of the local business terrain makes us the best fit for the services we provide.  Our understanding and commitment to global best practices and local due processes will deliver quality and exceed expectations. Our strength is in our integrity, innovations in a continuously evolving market and the talent and passion of our people that believe in unlimited possibilities

In the start of the Q2 2021, we divested in agriculture to tackle the impending food shortage due to insecurity and farmer-herder clashes in Nigeria. We are also collaborating with our partners to develop strategic Information Technology (IT) solutions to challenges in various sectors including education, healthcare, transportation, retail businesses, CSR etc. We will continue to identify other exciting investment opportunities and continuously expand our existing business to grow our clients and partners portfolios.

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Core Values

To be your most reliable collaborator providing smart business consultancy to start ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

To develop local content and indigenous capacity through innovative, smart and cost-saving business solutions and improved participation.

  • Prudence in managing resources
  • Integrity in Reporting
  • Respect for clients & customers

Our Team

Operations Director
Founder/ Executive Director

Victoria is a seasoned professional with quality assurance, quantitative acuity, training, and excellent presentation skills. Early career in the oil and gas industry with emphasis on crude oil production chemistry, chemical treatment, and environmental management offshore. Current competency in business analysis and development with a proven record of managing projects from conception to completion, skilled in building cross-functional teams, and making critical decisions in business processes development.

The Operations Director plays a pivotal role at the heart of a business. He oversees all operational aspects of business strategy; sets strategic goals and manages the flow of operations information to the chief executive and the board.

With more than 21 years of work experience in the upstream of the Oil and Gas sector with experiences spanning through project management, engineering QA/QC, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), and Inventory Management, expediting / logistics and procurement. He designs corporate strategy and boasts of a very vast experience in the management of startups and SMEs in the agriculture, real estate, beauty and healthcare sectors etc.

Michael is an experienced Supply Chain professional with over 15 years work experience and acquired proficiencies in the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas Marine sector. He is well versed in policy and strategies in local and overseas sourcing, procurement, warehouse set up, inventory management, expediting and a fair knowledge of global logistics.

He has competencies in Social Entrepreneurship and brings to the table abilities in HSE, quality assurance (QA), budgeting, material acquisition, project management, business and personnel development, all in line with compliance to regulatory requirements and ethical best practices.