Providing Business Processing Outsourcing services in Agriculture, Inland Transportation & General SMEs

Cab Logistics


Set Up & Manage Side Businesses
Offer inland Cab Services – Cab Hailing, Repairs & General Management with less hassles on your side
Earn Weekly Income
Provide Cost Effective Farming at your secured land, Edible Garden & foodscapping. Gardens can be set up at the concrete floors at the back of your home & in flower beds 
Promote healthy feeding at low cost
Set up and manage SMEs to ensure our valued clients earn extra income while still in their paid employment.
Support diaspora investment and additional businesses where our clients can retire into

How can we help you?

Let’s offer you rest of  the mind, in exchange for your trust

The greatest commitment we desire from you is your trust. Trust us to offer premium service and cost effectiveness as we provide our bespoke  consulting services  to your new and side businesses in Agriculture, Cab Hailing & Logistics and management of your side businesses.

We collaborate with our clients, mainly SMEs, to set up and manage that side business they will be comfortable to retire or resign into. If you have a convincing business idea, let us be your management plug.

Our clients are  people in other paid employment or new investors seeking to have better visuals on their next investment.